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  • The next blockbuster mobile game – archero

    Compared with the original version, today’s Archero game has changed from a vertical screen to a horizontal screen interface. And this work also uses the current mainstream left-hand rocker movement, right-hand shooting and enlargement of the operation mode. This not only greatly reduces the player’s upper threshold, but also improves the accuracy of skill delivery. […]

  • Dragon Ball Legends – a gift of childhood memories

    “Dragon Ball” as one of the most popular animated games for many years, since the FC era, there has been a million generations of production of “Dragon Ball series”. On mobile platforms, although there are many authorized “Dragon Ball” games, most of them are just simple cards and fights. To some extent, Dragon Ball Legends […]

  • Something you may not know about Coin Master

    Many players must know Coin Master game. The hand-run version of Coin Master hasn’t disappointed fans. All useful hard core spin operations can be used on the game. However, the new features of coin master has made great changes in attracting new players. In this game settings, “wall crash protection”, “safe spin zone”, “spin protection” […]

  • Richer battle experience make War Robots a better game

    Compared with other tactical game, the combat experience of War Robots has been further improved. With the addition of evolutionary skills and new enemies, the game’s combat style is fine-tuned and expanded. The object of battle with players is the giant robot and powerful human weapons controlled by Issy. Issyrian enemy soldiers can freeze and […]

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