Dragon Ball Legends – a gift of childhood memories

“Dragon Ball” as one of the most popular animated games for many years, since the FC era, there has been a million generations of production of “Dragon Ball series”. On mobile platforms, although there are many authorized “Dragon Ball” games, most of them are just simple cards and fights. To some extent, Dragon Ball Legends is more similar to “Dragon Ball Adventure” on GBA. However, compared with the GBA works, “Dragon Ball Legends” is based on a full 3D perspective. The modeling of Wukong, Bulma, Qiqi and Yamu Tea in the game is also completely restored in accordance with the proportion of the Earth Chapter of “Dragon Ball”.

As the Earth Chapter of Dragon Ball is the most impressive one among fans, this chapter has naturally become the main part of Dragon Ball Legends. The game has two kinds of plot battles, one is the ordinary miscellaneous warfare, the other is the BOSS battle with special CG performance. The arrangement targets are also Wukong’s strong enemies on the journey to find Dragon Ball, which can poke the feelings of fans.


While restoring the plot of Dragon Ball, different space travel is also interspersed between each chapter. Although the theme of this part of the story is still the traditional punishment of evil and promotion of good, but its purpose is to use a less abrupt way to introduce players to the game’s equipment reinforcement, PVE copies and other modes. However, in order to cater to the habits of mild players, “Dragon Ball Legends” of in PVE mode of the rhythm is very fast, five players only need to team up to break the copy of the BOSS can win.

The key layout of traditional RPG hand-swimming is the same. Goku’s skill style is also based on the playful style of the Earth Chapter of Dragon Ball. Goku’s skills depend heavily on his wishful stick before his party arrives at the frying pan mountain. But after inviting Master Tortoise to help put out the fire in Panpan Mountain, Goku witnessed and understood the Qigong of the Turtle School by himself. Thereafter, players can use all Goku’s skills to develop some more intense serial recruits. Based on our experiments, using Dragon Ball Legends Cheats iOS is the fast way to master all skills in this game. If you are interest in this tool, you should take a look at its design.

At the beginning of the game play, the player can only control Goku, but as the plot goes deeper, more and more popular characters from Dragon Ball will join the team and become your backup or a substitute for the customized main character. Although this can compensate for the depth of this kind of mobile game strategy to some extent, the damage type of the enemy is still red circle, red stripe and other obvious body position determination, the overall difficulty is relatively low.

Even in the 3D platform of mobile devices, “Dragon Ball Legends” can restore the popular role of Bird Mountain Ming vividly, so that many players can feel the fond memories of childhood sitting in front of the TV. At the same time, the relaxed and happy story journey of Earth and Goku’s pure and playful characterization also add a lot to the game. And the development of the system of transition and substitution between recruiting skills adds a little challenge to the whole game.