Richer battle experience make War Robots a better game

Compared with other tactical game, the combat experience of War Robots has been further improved. With the addition of evolutionary skills and new enemies, the game’s combat style is fine-tuned and expanded.

The object of battle with players is the giant robot and powerful human weapons controlled by Issy. Issyrian enemy soldiers can freeze and absorb the adrenaline of players by special attacks, which is equal to the silent double attacks deducting HP and MP, doubling the penalty of players being attacked. The new enemy “giant robot” is a statue that will not move when the player does not trigger the battle. Once the figure is exposed into the battle, it becomes a powerful enemy that can transmit, emit light beams, and have super-thick blood. These changes further broaden war robots game’s combat strategy. When the enemy is always at a disadvantage in front of him, the battle mode of “infiltration + assassination” is often successful.

In the face of more powerful enemies, players can not only sneak into the road, but also enhance their ability to “enhance skills”. Players can discover the “guardian’s insight” through exploration, and upgrade and strengthen existing skills. Take the soldier skill “Ares Bull Charge” as an example. After upgrading, players can call Bull Shadow to rush into enemy positions to knock down AOE and turn it into a powerful field control skill. If you want to acquire the energy source that can enhance your skills, you should combine it with the world’s exploration and play, which shows Pixonic’s painstaking and solitary attainment.

In addition, in the enemy’s camp strongholds, there is an additional strategic building called the “Hipnos Torch”. To destroy this building only requires a precise arrow, and destroy it will make the nearby enemy dizzy, giving players different strategies such as attack, running and so on.

Exploring the robot world is not just about appreciating the beautiful scenery, but also about enhancing the ability to benefit. In order to gain the “watchman’s insight” which can enhance ability, we must explore the unknown secret in this blissful world. The publisher has set up many puzzles during the players’journey, such as “pushing boxes” and “phantom walls”.

In underground maze, there are often a bunch of cabinets which can not be destroyed by brute force. At this time, we need to use our brains to solve puzzles and pull correctly to get a narrow path. In dim scenes, there are “phantom walls” frequently blocking, requiring players to identify broken walls, break to find the path. But these puzzles are often not very complex, can be solved with a little brainstorming, can be said to be the adjustment episode in the adventure.

In this robot world, there are many marble statues of Possephanie. Players don’t feel bored on the way to the green. They can fight on a small scale with a few steps. They can also get skill points by destroying the statues. They are always happy to do so under the stimulation of rich rewards. If they can ignore the help of War Robots Cheats, they will feel more free fighting style.

In the paradise world of “the most pleasant place”, there are more beautiful scenery settings. The ground is a sea of flowers, and each city-state is built on a high mountain. Players want to climb the mountain patiently, but also through a similar elevator device “Helmes Wing” to climb the mountain. Large-scale camps in the city are often intertwined with the main plot. Players will advance the progress of the game in the spiral of “experiencing a plot traveling the beautiful world fighting advancing a plot”.

After subtracting from theology, mercenaries and naval warfare, the War Robots game puts the focus of game experience on battle, exploration and narration. Although there is some power of choice in dialogue and action, there is always a sense of powerlessness, which is bound by the “momentum” of the world. The fierce contradiction finally crosses to a point and releases, then stops abruptly, paving the way for the following chapters. War Robots has a very good beginning, which is still delightful and has some aftertaste.