Something you may not know about Coin Master

Many players must know Coin Master game. The hand-run version of Coin Master hasn’t disappointed fans. All useful hard core spin operations can be used on the game. However, the new features of coin master has made great changes in attracting new players. In this game settings, “wall crash protection”, “safe spin zone”, “spin protection” can let the beginners run the novice spin, but the players who open “wall crash protection” can not use shortcuts on the map, as well as high-end spin technology.

However, due to the limitations of mobile interface and virtual keys, the coin master mobile requires less details than the end console. For example, after the spin of the small jet, the lite version directly made it into keys, and has a broader time determination and spin radian determination. At the same time, without the push button of forward acceleration, the operation of pulling head after spin becomes easier, and the unique acceleration sprint function of the lite version can also be used by multiple clicks on the screen.

coin master game play

In addition, Coin Master has the same master license test as the lite version. After accumulating certain experience levels, players can unlock the difficult map through the master license test of the junior, L3, L2, L1, and negotiate with the players who are more skilled. Although the number of maps in iOS version is much lower than that in PC, the popular classical maps have been retained, and the background music of each map is original, without any change adjustment.

2018 is the most prosperous period of coin master. The prop mode, the race mode and the flag-winning mode are very popular. Among them, the race mode has always been the most popular one among many modes. The competition between players relies on pure technology, while the prop mode is more entertaining, which is very suitable for relaxing their fingers. Flag grabbing mode is the most intense of the three modes. The players who grab the flag in the competition will face great pressure and may be attacked by multiple players at the same time. At present, there are relatively few modes available for hand games. There are only two modes: speed and props, as well as time matches for you to practice at any time.

The story mode is the fourth mode of Coin Master. The overall play is the same as JRPG, but its most attractive part is the exclusive special map and out-of-print props award. Although the lite version of the game drama has been rewritten, and has smoothed a lot at the logical level, it is still a simple and easy-to-understand King Spin drama. However, some changes have taken place in the reward content of the new coin master. Every level will be given to you. It can be converted into special gold coins for items and decorative props.

Nowadays, most of the stores that exchange leather will provide powerful numerical props for players to choose. There are three kinds of props for players to choose: gold coins, plot gold coins and real gold and silver in spinning. Among the many game props, special items and all kinds of novel and lovely decorations are the favorites of players. However, the props of real gold and silver in game are often better. In fact, the same is true for the coin master mobile version.

Although high-priced items can bring you quite good performance, both the “liver” tool in the mall and the “krypton” tool need solid technology in order to make you top performers. If your coin spinning skills are too poor, even a luxury tool that gives you four exhaust holes can’t catch up with a single-hole practice tool (commonly known as “slab floor”). The spins purchased with game currency and soft sister currency only enhances some functions and optimizes the maximum speed of coin collecting, but there will be mist on the map as a punishment, and the higher the speed of your spin tool, the more serious the punishment of mist will be. Luckily, you can make use of coin master cheats to avoid this punishment.

Coin Master inherits the most quintessential spin operation in adventure game, and makes the most reasonable optimization for mobile version. In terms of recruiting new players, the three settings can assist novice players to quickly start the game without affecting the balance of the game. Advanced players can turn off this layer of protection and use higher-end spin technology, which is a win-win move. If not for its drawbacks, it may be that there are fewer types of spin wheels, less modes of play, and fancy UIs.