The next blockbuster mobile game – archero

Compared with the original version, today’s Archero game has changed from a vertical screen to a horizontal screen interface. And this work also uses the current mainstream left-hand rocker movement, right-hand shooting and enlargement of the operation mode. This not only greatly reduces the player’s upper threshold, but also improves the accuracy of skill delivery. Especially in the use of range damage skills, players can predict the range of shooting through the rocker, in order to achieve the desired effect. It is also worth mentioning that when the enemy is near itself, clicking on the shooting button will automatically attack the enemy. And the subtraction of the game in predictive operation is undoubtedly more friendly to novice players.

As a competitive mobile game, archero game is not bad strategy, but also has a great attraction for me. In terms of the game’s “hero mode”, every refresh changes the game’s map. Different maps mean that you can’t rely on previous memory to judge where the grass is the best hiding place, nor can you blindly choose a strong hero, which makes the game have more changes. Number, and the different ways of playing add more fun to the players and do not feel bored.


In addition to the wilderness duel play, there are also gemstone hegemony, Treasury offense and defense, and fighting football and other play methods, they also show the fun of the game incisively and vividly. In addition, to our surprise, the four special events and one ticket event will be opened synchronously with the increase of the number of players’cups, and these activities will be presented in a random and time-limited manner. That is to say, the current activities can not be missed, and the next activities will always maintain a certain sense of mystery. Some pro-players reveal a secret way to rank high in the player list – using archero cheats when you are lacking of resource to deal with your opponents.

In addition, the rhythm of the archero game is also very fast, often in three or five minutes, the level of players will be higher. But you can’t underestimate the depth of the game’s strategy. You can’t get away with it if you want to win. Especially in the game, the character has only three squares of ammunition, while the filling ammunition has several seconds of cooling time. So it’s important to plan the shooting time and position, otherwise you’ll probably be screened. However, there are no team instructions in the game at present, so if you are not blackmailing with two or two groups of Keiyou teams, it is a great test of team tacit understanding.

In terms of the game profession, the game has more than 20 characters, and these characters are classified as tanks, soldiers, healers and other professional attributes. Some characters can be unlocked gradually as the number of cups increases, but individual rare heroes can only be obtained by opening the treasure box. Particularly noteworthy is that different roles also have unique skills. The right time to release big tricks, often in the battle to harvest unexpected results.

Smooth and comfortable operation feel, rich and varied game play methods, as well as distinctive and different ability of the role system, make “Archero game” become the competitive and interesting strategy mobile game in the market. There is no doubt that archero will become the next blockbuster in 2019!